New APP developed to boost fresh food supply for plateau troops: Defense Spokesperson

BEIJING, Apr. 29 — The Chinese military has recently applied a new APP to boost fresh food supply for troops stationed on the plateau, introduced Senior Colonel Wu Qian, spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of National Defense, at a regular press conference in Beijing on April 29.

Snr. Col. Wu pointed out that the CMC Logistic Support Department, the PLA Army and the relevant competent state departments have carried out pilot projects on adopting centralized non-staple food raising for troops stationed in Lhasa, Shigatse and other areas of Tibet, aiming to address the difficulty of fresh food supply for troops stationed on the plateau and in alpine regions.

“Based on the actual needs of the troops on the plateau, the military and civilian units have jointly developed an APP to cover more than 90 percent of the daily non-staple food needs of the service members on the plateau,” Wu stated.

Wu introduced that officers and soldiers can now choose a variety of non-staple food including fruits, vegetables, meat, aquatic and dairy products by themselves. They only need to place orders and submit demands with one click, and then they can have fresh food materials in the first time.

Wu added that this mode will be further expanded in the future to improve the quality and efficiency of support for frontline troops.



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